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Torchlight 2 pets include hawks, panthers, bulldogs and a weird raptor/ostrich thing

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Torchlight 2 - who flattened that bear

There were only two official pet options in the original Torchlight: cats and dogs (though modders added more). Torchlight 2 will have many more options, from small domestic cats to flying hawks. The goggled ferret that was exclusive to the boxed version of Torchlight 2 will also make a return, and we'll even be able to recruit odd-but-cute beaked velociraptor creatures called "Chakawarys" to eat enemies and sell off spare treasure to bewildered merchants.

The new pets were revealed on the Torchlight 2 site , along with a series of new screenshots and a video of each pet set to some strangely unsettling music. It's good to see Runic expanding on the pet system, which was one of the standout original features of the first Torchlight, but with Diablo 3 closing in, will Torchlight 2 be able to compete? Ponder that as you look over these moving images of adorable creatures. Which one's your favourite?

Tom Senior
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