Capcom's interactive spy comedy movie Fox Hunt was probably better left forgotten

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random games back into the light.

What makes a great secret agent? If you're thinking of boring things like 'training', 'gadgets' and 'intelligence'... well, you're probably right. Capcom's forgotten interactive movie spy spoof has some other ideas though, and one night, we found out how one idiot with a head full of trivia can put James Bond to shame. Or make him cover his eyes with shame, anyway. One of the two.

Oh, and did I mention James Bond is actually in it? George Lazenby, anyway.

(Cropped stream above. Disc 3 footage borrowed from Oliver Twitt's playthrough on YouTube due to the impossible difficulty. Definitely check out his captioned run through the entire game from Part 1.)