Explore 7,000 years of family history in 7 Grand Steps

7 Grand Steps

7 Grand Steps looks like a beautiful, compelling, hyper-intricate game. Out today, the board-game-like historical tale will have you traversing 7,000 years as easily as dropping coins into a slot.

It may seem simple; your only interaction is with the coin-operated interface, which you'll feed tokens into with a satisfying clunk . Your humble ancestor will then move about the wheel, his story unfolding piece by piece depending on where he lands. Will he marry someone who loves him or merely tolerates him? Which of his children will inherit his knowledge of irrigation? With enough hard work, will he be able to break free of his life of slavery in the peasant class?

In development for four years, Mousechief's grand exploration of legends and legacies clocks in at a mere $15 over at the developer's website (where you'll also find a free demo). Alternatively, it's going for a slight discount at Steam right this very moment.