Titanfall prepares to launch into battle with new gameplay trailer


With only a week before it's is upon us, Respawn released a “Titanfall gameplay launch trailer.” Made up entirely of Xbox One gameplay footage, it shows us the usual shots of pilots running along walls and Titans falling out of the sky, but also gives us a taste of the game's universe, which Respawn has been unusually quiet about.

Even now, we know very little about Titanfall's campaign multiplayer mode, which is where the game tells its story. According to a recent, very convincing leak posted to Reddit , there are nine campaign matches, which you can play as both sides of the conflict, IMC and Militia. The matched consist of five Attrition and four Hardpoint games. Each side will have a different mission briefing and chatter during the battle, which we might be hearing here in a few lines of dialogue that sound more involved than anything we heard in the beta.

The Reddit user also said that there are “surprises which will keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience.” That could be a reference to scripted moments that don't occur in regular multiplayer, which we might be seeing here when, for example, one of the drop ships crashes, or when a Titan smashes through a gate.

We'll find out on March 11, when the game is released. For more on Titanfall until then, check out our gameplay footage in glorious 1440p with the settings cranked as high as they go, recorded on the Large Pixel Collider .