TinyBuild buys Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread rights in $3M deal

Surgeon Simulator staff give a thumbs up
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In what is sure to be the biggest acquisition news you read today, TinyBuild—publisher of Pathologic 2, Not For Broadcast, Mr Shifty and many others—has announced that it's buying up a selection of Bossa Studios' games in a deal including "an upfront payment of $3 million".

The deal covers Surgeon Simulator (including its VR version and sequel), I Am Fish, and I Am Bread. Bossa is selling its most recognisable properties in order to concentrate on "co-op PvE" projects, which the studio has been focused on exclusively since early this year. Future work based on these properties—either in the form of new games or updates to old ones—will come entirely from TinyBuild.

TinyBuild hasn't said why it was interested in Bossa's various comedy games, nor has it said what it intends to do with them, but we can probably guess. The press release announcing the acquisition mentions that Bossa's various franchises delivered the company around $6 million in revenue in 2021. Picking up the most recognisable of those franchises in a deal that only requires you fork over half that amount upfront seems like a pretty sound business move.

TinyBuild has also dropped another $5.4 million in a deal to acquire Russian developer Konfa Games, who will be assimilated into the company's Belgrade-based studio hub in short order. It sounds like TinyBuild has plans to put its newly-bought IP to work in short order, using the expanded capacity that Konfa's acquisition brings to spin up the game dev engines and start turning out, presumably, more games based on the questionable simulation of things which should not be simulated.

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