Tiger Knight: Empire War confirms Romans are coming later this week

Tiger Knight: Empire War is a free-to-play action-strategy game featuring epic battles set around the year 200 BCE. It's been available on Steam Early Access since October 2016, featuring the armies of the Three Kingdoms, which were among the most powerful forces in Chinese history. More factions are planned for the future, including the Kushan Empire, the Parthian Empire, and starting later this week, the Roman Empire. 

"During the last month we have released a number of updates, including a new 64-bit client and improvements to the performance and stability of the game," developer Oasis Games said today. "We would like to announce that the long awaited Rome content will be launched in the middle of February. Not only that, but at the same time we will also be releasing a new division of the battle field, a brand new user interface (UI), Wei light cavalry, new Epic Wars, and more!" 

The backbone of the Roman Empire will be the Legion, a well-trained and strongly disciplined heavy infantry unit. Legionnaires are equipped with broad, heavy short swords, javelins, and large, multi-layered shields that gives them an advantage in defensive combat. New "scenes" included with the expansion will cover the breadth of the Roman Empire: Gallic Oppidum in Western Europe, the Black Forest in Germania, and Oasis in Carthage, a rival empire in North Africa. 

The Tiger Knight: Empire War – Roman Empire update is scheduled to go live on February 10. Find out more at oasgames.com, and have a look at some screens below.

Andy Chalk

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