Three hidden nations from the Crusader Kings II to Europa Universalis IV save converter

Two weeks ago, we interviewed Paradox Development Studio on the new converter DLC that lets you import your version of medieval Europe from Crusader Kings II into Europa Univesalis IV . Now that the DLC is out, we went hunting for some of the less than historically accurate groups and nations that can be carried over. From Viking holy orders to a restored Roman Empire, here's how they pan out in EU4.

The Jomsvikings

A Norse Pagan warrior brotherhood that functions as a Holy Order in CK2, the Jomsvikings become a playable Warrior Cult (basically identical to a theocracy) if they survive with landed titles into EU4. In addition to the Land and Naval Forcelimit modifiers they gain from importing the Reformed Norse faith, they also have a unique idea group:

The Jomsvikings Code: Morale of Armies +0.10

The Legend of Jomsborg: Land Forcelimit +15%, Naval Forcelimit +5%

For the Glory of the Allfather: Manpower Recovery Speed +10%

By Thor's Name: Permanent cassus belli against all non-pagans

Adopt Feudal System: Production Efficiency +10%

Implement the Högting: Stability Cost -10%

Valhalla Awaits: Yearly Prestige +1

Their traditions grant a bonus to Leader Shock and Discipline, and completing the tree grants a +10% to Infantry Combat Ability. So, war. And more war. Especially in the early game (when Shock is more important than Fire), they are likely to have one of the scariest armies in the world. I recommend the Quality ideas in the Military group, which will make your soldiers truly peerless.

The Roman Empire

If you managed to restore the Roman Empire as Byzantium using CK2's Legacy of Rome DLC, they will be imported into EU4 as an Empire with a unique idea group:

Pax Romana: National Revolt Risk -1

Legacy of Rome: Diplomatic Reputation +5

S.P.Q.R.: Stability Cost -20%

The Roman Legions: Land Forcelimit +15%, Infantry Combat Ability +10%

Roman Architecture: Production Efficiency +20%

Imperial Bureaucracy: National Tax Modifier +10%

Imperium Sine Fine: Core Creation Cost -20%

Their traditions grant +10% Discipline and +1 Yearly Legitimacy, while completing the track gives you an insane +33% Manpower. This seems more than a little overpowered, based on the other idea groups in the game. But hey, restoring Rome in CK2 isn't easy, so being rewarded with all the tools to become an intercontinental superpower is probably appropriate. In contrast to the Jomsvikings, Rome pairs well with the Quantity military ideas, which should swell your ranks to the point that globally-based legions are barely a tax on your resources.

The High American Tech Group

If your CK2 game was running the Sunset Invasion DLC when you exported it, the Europeans will find a very different version of the Americas when they arrive in EU4. All of the Native American Nations will be lifted up from the New World tech group (200% tech cost, -2 Monarch Power) to a fictional "High American" tech group, which is identical to the Western tech group (100% tech cost, no monarch power modifiers.)

Central America is blanketed by the Aztec Empire, while their rivals, the Incans (who, if you payed attention to CK2's Aztec Invasion Events, actually invented gunpowder infantry in this universe) dominate South America. Contrary to what I was told in the interview, the other North American states from Vanilla EU4 still exist as independent nations, and they have High American technology. The Creek, Shawnee, and Huron are Feudal Monarchies. the Cherokee have a Theocracy, and the Mayans and Iroquois are... Merchant Republics, for some reason. All follow the Aztec Religion, save the Incans, and the Shamanist Huron.

The new Aztec and Incan relgions are both considered part of the Pagan religious group. The Aztec Religion grants -1 National Revolt Risk and +0.5 Morale of Armies. The Incan Religion grants +10% Tax Modifier, and +1 Tolerance of the True Faith.

The Aztecs and Incans also get unique idea groups, while the rest of the North Americans use the generic ones.

Aztec ideas are mostly focused on warfare and forcibly colonizing the Old World:

Build the Tepochicalli and the Calmecac: Technology Cost -5%

Enact the Flower Wars: National Revolt Risk -1

Invade the Whiteskins: Naval Attrition -10%, enables Conquistadors and Explorers even if you haven't unlocked the prerequisite tech

State Administration Reform: National Tax Modifier +5%

Found the Imperial Cities: Production Efficiency +5%

Found the Imperial Jaguars and Eagles: Discipline +10%

The Imperial Road Network: Global Tariffs +10%

Aztec traditions grant +5% Infantry Combat Ability and -5% Advisor Cost. Completing the track grants +0.1 Morale of Armies.

Incan ideas focus more on economy and infrastructure.

Census Record Quipo: National Manpower Modifier +5%

Enforce Quechua: Stability Cost -5%

The Written Word: Technology Cost -10%

Official Axe-monies: National Trade Income +10%

Imperial Gold Trading: Merchants +1

State Administration Reform: National Tax Modifier +5%

The Imperial Road Network: Global Tariffs +10%

Incan traditions grant +20% Fort Defense and -5% Advisor Cost.Completing the track grants +10% Land Forcelimit.

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