THQ might go back to Games for Windows Live

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I remember back when I heard that THQ and Relic were dropping Games for Windows Live for Dawn of War 2 Retribution. I cheered out loud, because it was a move that would put an end to the months and months of frustration I've had trying to play Dawn of War 2 with my friends over Microsoft's much lambasted service. However, recent words from Danny Billson, THQ's Executive Vice President of Core Games, suggest that THQ might move back to Games for Windows Live again.

Speaking to Shacknews , Billson revealed that THQ are still on the fence about which service to use, whether it be Valve's Steamworks, or Microsoft's Games for Windows Live. Billson admits that "from a development point of view, it has been easier on Steamworks."

However, the publisher are still in firm talks with Microsoft, and might well move back to the service. "Microsoft is really talking to me a lot about getting back on Games for Windows Live," says Billson, "I like both platforms and I really, really, really like Microsoft as a partner. They're fantastic partners. I want to respect them."

Is there any way in which this is a good idea? Can you imagine a future in which Games for Windows Live is redeemed, and has changed to the extent that it can rival the functionality of Steam? Will pigs fly? What do you think?

[via VG247 ]

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