This tiny bathtub Geralt is $20 off on Amazon

(Image credit: CDPR)

Do you want your own bathtub Geralt? Do you want to gaze lovingly at our favourite Witcher as he soaks in the tub, complete with tiny rubber duckie? Well now is your chance, as Amazon is currently doing a sale on Dark Horse Deluxe's resin figure of the famous scene from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It's still somewhat pricey, coming in at $59, but that's still $20 cheaper than its normal price.

Unfortunately, Dark Horse has yet to release a Henry Cavill version of the figure. I reckon that'd make an absolute mint—who doesn't want a tiny, shirtless Henry Cavill on their shelf to admire every few minutes? Still, CDPR Geralt is easily the next best thing, all rugged and silver fox-y. It's a good purchase.

Geralt in Bath Polyresin Statuette | $59.29 (save $20.70)

Geralt in Bath Polyresin Statuette | $59.29 (save $20.70)
Your chance to snag a naked, bathing Geralt for the cheapest price Amazon has sold him for in six months.

Thanks for the heads up, Wario64.