This spill-resistant gaming keyboard is on sale for $40

The best gaming keyboards tend to use mechanical key switches, but if you prefer a membrane blank, Logitech's G213 Prodigy is our top pick. It's also on sale at Newegg today.

Using coupon code 24WWJD7 brings the price down to $39.99. Combined with its sale price, this keyboard is half off its MSRP (it usually sells for closer to $50 though). We like this keyboard because the membrane switches (Logitech calls them "mech-dome") feel like mechanical ones. They're also quiet and stable thanks to their square stems.


Logitech G213 Prodigy | Spill-Resistant | RGB | $39.99 (save $40)
This spill-resistant keyboard is quiet, comfortable to type on, has RGB lighting, and boasts dedicated game controls. Use coupon 24WWJD7 for the full discount.   Buy at Newegg

For some, spill resistance is the main selling point. However, it also offers zoned RGB lighting, dedicated media controls, and an integrated palm rest.

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Paul Lilly

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