This space MMO looks like Halo and Starfield had a beautiful baby

Earth from Another Sun screen showing a soldier shooting.
(Image credit: Multiverse)

Earth from Another Sun is a space MMO-slash-FPS that's just dropped a new trailer, and as you can see it's stuffed with bright pink mechs and gloriously lush vistas. At the start of it I was just thinking 'wow, this has shown me more to get excited about than Starfield has' and by halfway through when the mech-em-up action started, I was sold. Yeah who knows how it will turn out, but this looks bombastic, fun, and has battles on an epic scale (it claims up to 1000 participants in one conflict).

The game is in development at Multiverse studio and we'll know soon enough whether it's worth getting hyped for: there will be a demo available as part of Steam Next Fest over Oct 3rd-10th, which comes with various cosmetic bonuses for trying it out.

Now, there is a downside. Or there might be. Earth from Another Sun's official site uses the 'b' word quite a few times—this is a game that uses blockchain technology, though it's not enormously clear what it's using it for. It does link it to the player creation tools ("With our design tools, you'll be able to create new characters, quests, loot items, art assets, towns, and even new planets") so expect a marketplace of some kind. I guess there has to be a good blockchain-based game at some point but, yeah, this is the one thing that makes you wonder. 

What you'll actually be doing in the game seems, from the developer descriptions anyway, to be more-or-less everything. Building your own space army is an obvious starting point, and yes I'll have a dozen skyscraper-sized mechs thanks, but you also undertake missions for reputation, wealth, and build diplomatic clout between various factions. You can be a pirate, which is obviously the way to go, or be a good little space captain and defend civilisation as we know it.

There also seems to be a considerable Destiny influence here in terms of the shooting activities, with emphasis on PvE missions like co-op dungeons and asteroid mining (if this game manages to make asteroid mining sexy then it has achieved more than any space game in history).

Rich Stanton

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