This softbody physics Tetris simulation is mesmerizing and delicious

Unfortunately what you see above is not an actual, playable version of Tetris. It's a physics simulation made in Cinema 4D and posted to C4D4U's YouTube Channel. I've watched it probably a dozen times now. It's weirdly hypnotic, and also looks delicious. I love gummi candy and these are the loveliest, chewiest, slipperiest gummi Tetris pieces I've ever seen (granted, they're the only gummi Tetris pieces I've ever seen).

And while watching them fall, bounce, and slip around is great, at the end they all get beautifully smooshed out of the front in a gummi cascade. Delicious!

The video above is the eighth iteration of C4D4U's Tetris simulations. You can see an earlier version below, which includes a big glunk of water being poured into the tank before the pieces begin to fall, resulting in some satisfying splishing and splashing. If you like it—and how can you not, it's beautiful and squishy—there are plenty more neat simulations on C4D4U's channel, plus some tutorials if you're interested in learning how to do some simulations yourself.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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