This RGB gaming desk doubles as a gigantic mouse pad, costs $1,200

Are you sitting down? You wouldn't have to if you owned Thermaltake's Level 20 RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk, which in plain speak is a motorized desk for sitting or standing—it's your choice. It's also an extremely large mouse pad, making it a veritable bargain at $1,199.99 (plus shipping) to park the best gaming mouse on!

Okay, maybe it's not exactly a bargain (it's also $100 higher than the MSRP Thermaltake announced at CES). However, it is all of those other things—a height-adjustable desk with an electric motor, integrated RGB lighting, and a mouse pad that looks large enough to accommodate rodents as big as the capybara. No company has made an actual mouse that size yet, but this Battlestation ensures you're ready if and when one ever exists.

The height can be adjusted from 27.5 inches (for sitting) up to 43.3 inches (for standing, or still for sitting if you're Shaq). There is a six-button controller on the front with a digital display. Among them are two large ascend and descend buttons, along with four smaller buttons to select between preconfigured height settings. That's fancier than my car, which just has a bar underneath the seat for adjusting its position.

Thermaltake's adjustable desk is 64.9 inches wide and 29.5 inches deep. The frame is made from aluminum and supports up to 330 pounds—plenty enough for a burly desktop tower, a big monitor, and probably a full keg of beer, if you're so inclined.

Some of the press images show a mouse sitting atop a mouse pad, though one is hardly needed—the entire surface is a full cloth mouse pad in and of itself.

"It is constructed with a solid sewing edge design to ensure durability, prevent peeling or warping of the mouse pad and uses a special anti-slip rubber base to prevent any slippage. In addition, it is removable for cleaning and maintenance," Thermaltake says.

In that sense, Thermaltake can accurately call this a "gaming desk" rather than leaning on RGB lighting alone, which it also has—there are 20 customizable lighting zones and 8 dynamic lighting effects, all controllable via Thermaltake's iTake software. The RGB lighting can also be synchronized with the company's TT RGB Plus products.

Thermaltake is selling its Battlestation direct to customers. Depending on where you live and how much of a hurry you are to receive one, shipping costs can be significant. In my neck of the woods (Tennessee), shipping options range from $159.10 for standard shipping to $1,247.40 for Next Day Air Saver (UPS).

There's also a much cheaper version of the Level 20 GT Battlestation that lacks an electric motor and RGB lighting, but otherwise offers the same features. It sells for $399.99 on Thermaltake's website.

Paul Lilly

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