This new fighting game wants to fill the void of Super Smash Bros. on PC

Fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have found comfy homes on PC, and even Soul Calibur is making the jump in its next installment. But we're still lacking in platform fighters like Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., though Smash Bros. itself can of course be played on an emulator. Games like Brawlhalla have captured some of the same magic (and are plenty fun in their own right), but I reckon there's still a space for another great platform fighter. DimensionsVS, an upcoming free-to-play fighting game unashamedly styled after Smash, wants to fill that space. 

DimensionsVS supports up to four players in local or online multiplayer and can be played with a gamepad or a keyboard (though a gamepad is recommended). The goal is to KO your opponents by building up damage and knocking them off the stage, and you can duke it out in time trial or stock-based modes. It all looks very Smash, especially the 'break the targets' challenge mode and the bubble shields. 

One notable difference from Smash is the way DimensionsVS handles damage: dealing damage lowers opponent's health from a starting 200. Another notable difference is its small roster: DimensionsVS currently has just six characters (who you can learn more about on the game's official site). According to developer TeePee Studios, this is part of the reason DimensionsVS will enter Steam Early Access next month.

"We do not feel like we have achieved the quantity of content yet that warrants releasing DimensionsVS in its current state, specifically content that can be purchased via real world money or currency earned in game," TeePee says on Steam. "Releasing in Early Access lets us bring the game to you as soon as possible while still creating crucial content, and lets you know what to expect from the game before installing."

TeePee plans to leave Early Access in early 2019 after adding "a whole bunch" of levels and characters. DimensionsVS will stay free-to-play, mind, with "purely cosmetic" items available for purchase.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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