This music for 'maximum hacking' is actually pretty chill

If you ever wondered what kind of music the hacker kids of DedSec probably listen to, I think it would be the stuff on this "crypto music" channel we found. Whether you're trying to break into top secret servers or are just building a tiny PC that plays retro games, these tracks set the right mood.

YouTube channel Chill Music Lab says these easy listening tunes are designed for "cyber productivity, maximum hacking, coding, programming, and studying." The hacker-inspired music mixes two genres of music I'm just finding out exist: Chillstep and Future Garage. 

I've been listening for a couple of hours now, and now I feel like I can write about crypto heists and corporate hacking all day while swaying my head to haunting digitized vocals. My favorite thing about this channel is the creator's hacktivist manifesto in the description extolling the importance of online anonymity. It's a whole vibe, and I love it. 

If you're a fan of synths that don't bash you over the head or just want to work to music that sounds like it belongs in the background of Cyberpunk 2077, I recommend a listen. If you want more PC Gamer curated music, might I direct you to The PC Gaming Show 2020 Album, featuring new versions of songs from PC gaming classics including Team Fortress and Max Payne.


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Jorge Jimenez
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