This is it - Michael Jackson MMO coming soon. Wtf?

Planet Michael

I think I might be dreaming, or in some sort of weird nightmare, but a company called See Virtual Worlds have just announced plans to release a free to play Michael Jackson MMO later next year called Planet Michael . The game promises that "Michael's longtime fans will feel at home as they find themselves in places that seem familiar and yet unknown at the same time".

So just like a weird nightmare, then.

Read on for a list of features that we at PC Gamer would like to see from the Michael Jackson MMO, along with the first screenshots.

We think this MMO needs...

1) Dynamic facial rearrangement system ! Decay your own face in real time. A Mr. Potato Head style interface lets you swap features on the fly. Show off your new features to the media at regular intervals to gain 'horror points' that can be used to level up and further your career. Micro-transaction options include new skin tones, radical new nose shapes, and a voice modifier.

2. Sidekick system! Recruit low level players to accompany you on your adventures.

3. Baby dangling minigame!

4. Whacko' Mole minigame!

5. Pets! Train a pet monkey to make your business decisions.

Any features we've missed?

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