This free game only has one tiny enemy, and you've got to grow it into a boss

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Despite the name, One Monster RPG isn't really an RPG. It's set at the very end of an adventure where you've killed every single monster apart from one. There are no more quests or mystical artefacts or bosses—there's just one baby slime.

Killing the slime is easy. It's level 1, while you're level 99. One hit and it's a goner. Unfortunately, it won't give you enough experience points to get to level 100, the true goal of One Monster RPG. That really only leaves one option: feed that slime. Feed it until it's a gargantuan monster that can swallow buildings whole.

All you need to do is let the slime chase you around, making sure that you lead it to things it can snack on. Dogs, children, farms—they're all fair game. It can't eat anything that's a lower level, and if it catches you it's effectively game over, as your only option is to kill it.

(Image credit: The Game Assemblers)

That's all there is to it, but I love it to bits. I should maybe feel more guilty about making a monster eat villagers, and indeed villages, just so I can get some XP, but in my defense none of them moved out of the way. Maybe they really wanted me to hit level 100, too. I'm innocent in all of this.

It's a fun subversion, but the highlight is really the art. It's a world of illustrated paper cutouts, giving the whole thing a tabletop RPG vibe. And while they don't do much, and most of them do nothing at all, they still manage to exude a lot of charm, especially the slime. It's a gormless killing/eating machine that grows increasingly ridiculous the larger it gets, but I can't help but love the bouncy fella.

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