This Fallout 76 player lives underneath the map

(Image credit: Mrs P)

Fallout 76 lets you plonk down your camp almost anywhere on the map, but it's no small task finding somewhere that has lots of room for expansion and is also easy to defend when other players or monsters come prowling. Player Mrs P has found a clever solution to that problem, however, by building her camp beneath the game, where there's nothing but a vast expanse of empty space. 

The entrance to Mrs P's camp is above ground, but you can't just walk through a door to get to her secret subterranean base. Instead, you need to activate a cooking station that's hidden in a wall, which will then deposit you underneath the world. You can see how to make your own underground entrance here and take a tour of MrsP's base below. 

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It took her a long time to to get the trick working, she told Kotaku, but since then she's been able to create a proper base, complete with floating greenhouses and walkways, below which is just an empty space. 

"The white space under the map is instant death," she said. "If they walk off the platform, they die. So I put up fencing to keep people in. The camp itself is pretty great. I keep the vendors above ground and a generator below ground, glitched the power line through the ground. It took me a few days to get the entrance itself to work. I died a few times."

From her lair, she's also able to spy on the world above and watch nukes going off. She's got plans to target her camp and see what happens. Science requires sacrifice. While this makes her sound like a supervillain, she apparently welcomes guests and shoppers to her underground abode. 

I've played a lot more of Fallout 76 than I thought I would because of the base building, but my shack is starting to look pretty rubbish now that I look at Mrs P's creation. Sure, it's got a nice view, comfy chairs and I've had no complaints from visitors, but it's just got a regular door and it doesn't exist outside of reality. It's very plain. 

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