This Fallout 76 player built a 'looking for group' hub outside the upcoming raid

Fallout 76 player LFG hub
(Image credit: Bethesda | Uploaded by SouthBeachSarcastic)

Fallout 76 has been full of updates in 2019, bringing in player shops, a battle royale mode, and later this year the big Fallout 76 Wastelanders update. Before that, Bethesda has some more multiplayer content planned: group raids in two previously locked Appalachian vaults.  Reddit user "SouthBeachSarcastic" is busy gearing up for those raids by building their version of a LFG (looking for group) hub right outside Vault 94. 

The Vault 94 raid launches on August 20th and is designed for four players to tackle its puzzle-based challenges together. Though players may be able to physically stand around and queue up outside the vault either way, it's great to see one player going to such lengths to welcome new mates. 

"I know it really isn't much but I truly wanted a social space for everyone to get together and share their findings, trade gear, meet new people, etc." they say in their Reddit post

Fallout 76 players always seem to find ways to make the Appalachian wasteland a bit more friendly and this is just another example of the wholesome attitude I love to see on multiplayer servers. SouthBeachSarcastic's LFG hub sounds like a swell place to kick back before and after raids, equipped with "workbenches-a-plenty, a cool-and-calm bar, social lounge, and most instruments."

(Image credit: Bethesda | Uploaded by SouthBeachSarcastic)

Fallout 76 doesn't have its own LFG tool in game yet, though I imagine that with the upcoming Vault 94 raid it may become a popular request. Whether or not Bethesda makes any kind of official tool for grouping up pre-raid, we can only hope that this player's idea for setting up shop outside catches on. Although, if it gets too popular, you may struggle to find a server where your raid base doesn't conflict with one already on the map.

Check out SouthBeachSarcastic's post for more pictures of their Vault 94 group finder base.  

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