This dog is my new favourite Elden Ring streamer

MissMikkaa's dog playing Elden Ring
(Image credit: FromSoftware/MissMikkaa)

Elden Ring might be a tricky game for mere mortals like myself, whose survival depended on friends and cheesy tactics, but for streamer MissMikkaa it's such a doddle that she can defeat the hardest boss using a dance pad. At level 1. This month, she even upped the challenge by taking on Malenia twice, simultaneously, using the dance pad in one version and a controller in another. And now her dog is taking on the Lands Between. 

As spotted by GamesRadar, MissMikkaa's inquisitive little pooch was rooting around for treats when he wandered onto her dance pad and went up against one of Elden Ring's grouchy dragons. His timing couldn't have been better, as MissMikkaa was AFK and had left her character right in the path of the dragon. Her furry companion ended up saving her life. 

As he was snuffling across the dance pad, he made her character rush towards the dragon, but managed to position it behind a rock before he wandered off, realising there were no treats to be found. MissMikkaa's character does take a bit of damage but crucially survives. Dogs really are heroes. 

An alternative reason why he might have been on the dance pad can be seen in the above clip, where you'll notice a fancy portrait of her faithful hound. Maybe it wasn't treats that tempted him onto the pad, but rather vanity. Dogs are incredibly vain. My own pooch, Cosmo, used to kiss his reflection in the mirror until he realised he was getting no love in return. 

Maybe I should see how Cosmo gets on in Elden Ring. When he was wee he pretty much ignored videogames, but lately he's become fascinated by them, getting as close to the TV as possible and inconveniently blocking my view. Here he is pestering some sheep in Pentiment. 

(Image credit: Fraser Brown)

What are dragons if not giant, scaly, fire-breathing sheep?       

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