This brilliant Dark Souls mod adds Link's likeness, audio and animations

The strapline above practically wrote itself, didn't it? After adding CJ from GTA San Andreas to Lordran earlier this week, Dark Souls modder Drop0ff has introduced Link from The Legend of Zelda series—complete with their character model, audio and animations. 

Drop0ff this time partners with creator AinTunez to give us Hero of Twilight. As outlined on the project's Nexus Mod page, it replaces the Hard Leather Set "with Link's getup from Twilight Princess and adds Link's vocal shouts to player animations". This means you can play as the Zelda protagonist from the start of Dark Souls: Remastered. 

I love this:

Drop0ff again pays deference Meowmaritus—the creator of the DSFBX tool that makes mods like this one possible. As suggested by Zullie The Witch last week, the creation of this tool means "Dark Souls mods have the potential to get a whole lot stranger".

Keep 'em coming, I say. 

More information on Hero of Twilight lives here. Thanks, Zullie The Witch.