This 960GB solid state drive is available for just $149

Technically, adding a 960GB solid state drive to your PC doesn't get you into the 1TB club. However, it comes awfully close. Besides, there's not much to quibble about if you're only paying $148.74, which is the price after coupon for an Adata SU650 at Rakuten today.

Rakuten shows the AD26 coupon code right there on the listing—all you have to do is expand the section and click the 'Save Coupon' button. Doing so knocks 15 percent off the $174.99 price, bringing it down to $148.74 with free shipping and no mail-in-rebates to fill out. That works out to just over $0.15 per GB, which is likely an all-time low.

The sale price makes this drive considerably cheaper than Corsair's MX500 1TB, currently our budget pick among the best SSDs for gaming. Like that drive, Adata's model uses 3D NAND flash memory, though with a different controller. The SU650 is rated to deliver up to 520MB/s of sequential read performance and up to 450MB/s of sequential writes, with 40K/75K read/write random 4k IOPS. It might not be the fastest on the block, but is certainly a speedy upgrade over a mechanical hard drive, if you're still rocking one.

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Paul Lilly

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