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This 3GB GTX 1050 is just $110 right now

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The original GTX 1050 was equipped with only 2GB of VRAM, limiting it to basic esports titles and other games with minimal hardware requirements. Earlier this year, Nvidia released a version with 3GB of memory, making it a bit more capable, and now you can buy one from EVGA for just $109.99—about $30 lower than the usual price (opens in new tab).

The 3GB EVGA GTX 1050 has a base clock of 1392MHz, and a boost of 1518MHz. It has the same number of CUDA cores as the 1050 TI, but only with a 96-bit bus (the 1050 Ti has a 128-bit bus). As such, performance should be slightly below or equal to a 1050 Ti, depending on the game/workload.

You can get the GTX 1050 from EVGA's eBay store at the link below.

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EVGA GTX 1050 3GB | $109.99 (~$30 off) (opens in new tab)
This lower-end card from EVGA has a base clock of 1392MHz, with a boost of 1518MHz. Performance is slightly below or equal to a GTX 1050 Ti, depending on the game/workload. Buy at eBay (opens in new tab)

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