Thief won't force you to kill, will (probably) force you to steal

After that moderately alarming but ultimately blown-out-of-proportion business about Garrett being made more "mainstream" for the recently announced Thief reboot, you might be wondering if Thiefourfiaf will break the cardinal rule of the previous games: that you can complete them without harming a living soul. It's a justifiable fear, particularly after Deus Ex: Human Revolution's turrrrible boss battles, but thankfully it turns out to be unfounded, as this blog post on the Eidos Montreal site makes clear.

Speaking about the game's open level design, Eidos Montreal's Adam Badke explained that "players will have multiple ways to approach their objectives and each objective can be reached using Garrett's various tools, by exploring and by playing with your environment.

"Each path comes with a set of challenges, encounters and looting opportunities. Difficulty options allow the experience to be scaled for hardcore fans of the original series, but to also let newcomers have a lot of fun. And yes, you can complete the game without killing anybody – Garrett is a Master Thief, not a killing machine!"

Which is reassuring news. Now if only we could get some confirmation on whether Stephen Russell will be returning as the voice of Garrett.

Thanks, Joystiq .

Tom Sykes

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