There's a host of Steam key sales on Fanatical right now

We're firmly out of Steam sale season now, but there's always a PC game sale somewhere. Right now, Fanatical has a bunch of big savings going on both newer and older games—here's a few highlights.

Capcom's entire PC library is currently discounted, and that includes 20 percent off the incoming Resident Evil 2 Remake. There's a particularly decent 60 percent saving on fun beat-'em-up Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, which is a lot better than the more recent Infinite. Marvel games have a habit of vanishing from Steam—see Deadpool and the Ultimate Alliance series for examples of what we mean—so it might be worth considering if you've thought about picking it up in the past. 

Meanwhile, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is 50 percent off for the rest of today, if you haven't picked up the medieval RPG yet. PCG Best Sim 2018 winner Frostpunk, too, is 33 percent off.

One of the highlights of Fanatical's selection of bundles right now is this pick-'n'-mix for blockbusters. It's a random bunch in there, but the Borderlands series and BioShock Infinite are among the highlights. You can also pick up what feels like a forgotten spin-off in Civilization: Beyond Earth, if you've never given that a go. Both three and five-game tiers are available for that bundle at different prices. 

Fanatical always sources its keys from publishers and developers, so you know where they're coming from. 

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