There's a foot posing simulator with a free demo on Steam if that's your scene

Feet being altered in various ways in a foot program.
(Image credit: Ige Olwen)

Foot-fanciers rejoice, for I bring you the only software you'll ever need to create, manipulate, and pose feet of all shapes and sizes. Salivate at the prospect of Haele 3D Feet Poser Pro, which has released on Steam as a full and lite version, both of which have demos, and the whole shebang can be seen in action below. 

Haele's description says it is "a versatile 3D feet poser and customizer app. It is an easy to use foot anatomy reference tool for the artist, with a wide palette of detailed options and animations to create the feet you need be it highly realistic or stylized".

Once you've created your plates of meat, you can change the poses, lighting, materials, colors and various other options. You can even color different parts of the feet differently, modify the skin and nails, morph the shapes around, use various pre-canned animations, change the background, change the lighting and, of course, take photographs which can be saved, and loaded up anytime. 

I mean, if you've got a thing about feet, this looks pretty toe-riffic. For the rest of us, I've just looked at the bare handful of user reviews and, yeah, will spare you those. The final thing that tickled me about Haele, however, was the mandatory Steam mature content description, which in this case runs thus: "There are naked feet in the game".

Rich Stanton

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