The Witcher 3 free DLC adds new finisher animations

New Finisher Animations

CD Projekt Red has released the penultimate piece of free Witcher 3 DLC. It's called "New Finisher Animations." It adds new finisher animations.

CDPR's descriptor is keen to sell you on how over-the-top these new animations are. "Slay your foes in new brutal and spectacular ways," it enthuses, "with this visceral and adrenaline-pumping DLC!"

Sounds messy.

As usual, the DLC is available through Steam and GOG.

There's only one piece of free DLC remaining, and CDPR already has fans guessing as to what they have planned. A brief teaser in a recent tweet could point to an interesting finale.

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Here's hoping it's an interactive bathing minigame. Think of how many new Geralt bath pics we could post then.

Phil Savage

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