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The Witcher 2's REDKit mod tools now officially released

After last week's false start , CD Projekt RED have now officially released The Witcher 2's mod tool, REDKit . It's a powerful looking suite, giving you the opportunity to design quests, build lands, create NPCs, customise combat and "plant realistic forests in just a few clicks." That last one is probably the limit of what I'd be able to achieve.

In addition to the creation tools, the corresponding 3.4 patch for The Witcher 2 has been released. Called REDKit (Gamer's Edition) , it adds a mod manager into the game, letting you sample the community's creations. Once the community have actually made some.

Here's REDKit's official trailer, for those who love both game editing tools and HEAVY ROCK:

You can download REDKit here .

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