The Witcher 2 mod tools looking for early adopters

At Gamescom this week, CD Projekt RED is unveiling REDkit , its suite of modding tools for The Witcher 2. The dev team is currently accepting applications for early access to the tools on the Witcher official site . Early access is targeted at established modders: you'll be required to provide a short bio, an example of a mod you've made (which doesn't have to be CD Projekt-related), and a website.

"We have our own vision for RPGs: they should present an exciting story and give players lots of choices that really matter. The REDkit is designed to create adventures that way," said studio head Adam Badowski. "Mature, non-linear and engrossing stories set in vivid worlds filled with believable characters."

The registration deadline for early access is September 30th, so if you don't currently have a modding portfolio to show, you've got about six weeks to get one together. What kinds of new mods would you like to see for The Witcher 2?