The Waylanders update lets you have a fluffy pet spider

The Waylanders: A rabbit sitting in a pile of leaves
(Image credit: Gato Studio)

Gato Studio recently announced the most important update for celtic RPG The Waylanders: more pets. Rangers can now choose between a panther, wolf, boar, or spider. 

These pets were initially assigned due to the character's race—and while I love the connection that (obviously) a werewolf character gets a wolf pet, I'm no less charmed by the association that a human's obvious companion is the boar. Man's best friend: pig. Even so, this update brings the addition that all rangers can now access all pets, through character-specific loyalty quests.

And what of the rabbit? The bunny gets its own quest! And a dedicated part of the trailer, as the most dangerous beast of all. (And while I've decided not to post spider pictures here, the video below is not suitable for arachnophobes.)

The Waylanders is currently in Steam Early Access, so there are more updates yet to come—including more seven more pets as the ranger class advances, such as a dog and two different types of dragons.

The full launch is expected in the Autumn, having been delayed from its intended Spring 2021 release.