The ten best moments from the 2015 LoL Worlds quarter finals

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The League of Legends World Championship quarter finals are over and the winners are on their way to the semi finals in Brussels. Missed out on the action last weekend? Don’t want to watch days upon days of best-of-five matches? Wish there was a list of ten or so animated highlights that you could look through right now? Wondering why we’re asking so many questions when there’s obviously a big gif right below this paragraph? Us too!

A Baron and a Pentakill save the day: Origen vs. Flash Wolves

Watch the entire match here.

Probably the biggest play of the quarter finals came in the very first game of the first match between Origen and Flash Wolves. Origen were behind, and had to do something to stop Flash Wolves from completely taking over the game.

There are a few ways to do that in League of Legends. Sneaking Baron, and not only getting an ace but scoring a Pentakill is most definitely one of them. Soaz’s Darius dominated the fight, getting resets on his Noxian Guillotine, and getting just enough health back at opportune moments to stay alive and 'dunk' all of the Flash Wolves. Origen went on to take the game and the series.

Maple takes on two and comes out alive: Origen vs. Flash Wolves

Watch the entire match here.

LeBlanc has been a popular champion pick in the mid lane at Worlds so far. High maneuverability and huge damage potential make her a force to be reckoned with, even if she’s on her own against Niels on Sivir and Mithy on Alistar.

Maple hid in the bush and waited for the opportune moment to strike. When Mithy turned up to help out, it seemed like Maple’s dreams of getting an easy kill were over. However he didn’t give up so easily. Maple flashed in to finish off Niels, before teleporting back to safety.

Febiven becomes FEDiven: Fnatic vs. Edward Gaming

Watch the entire match here.

We’re not done with LeBlanc yet. Fnatic’s mid laner Febiven pulled off this LeBlanc play just 10 minutes into game 2 of their match against EDG, but it pretty much ended the game right then and there.

Not one, not two, but three members of EDG stuck around too long with Febiven lurking, and he made it look easy as he cleaned up all three of them with LeBlanc’s impressive set of spells.

The blind ghost: AHQ vs. SK Telecom T1

Watch the entire match here.

Kalista is a powerful AD carry right now in League of Legends. She has the power to punish anyone out of position, and her ultimate is great for either getting her support out of danger, or sending them into the fight for a knock up. One ability allows her to send out a ghost which will grab some vision, and let her know if any enemies are around.

However, the ghost doesn’t have much peripheral vision, as you can see in the clip above. It completely misses three members of AHQ, allowing them to get a couple of easy kills.

Pawn’s escape: Fnatic vs. Edward Gaming

Watch the entire match here.

Pawns are often used as sacrificial pieces in chess, and it seemed like EDG’s Pawn was about to get toasted under his own turret. However, as we’ve seen countless times before, a quick Thresh lantern can save the day.

That’s not the impressive part of this particular play though. Just moments later, he teleports to the bot lane, flashes past a Kennen skill shot, and picks up the kill while only having a sliver of health.

Gragas isn’t letting you escape: KOO Tigers vs. KT Rolster

Watch the entire match here.

KOO Tigers took a surprisingly resounding victory over KT Rolster, only losing one close game. However, one stand out performer for KT was their jungler Score, particularly when it came to his Gragas ultimates.

Here, Score times and aims his ult perfectly, knocking back the squishy PraY on Caitlyn, right onto where Arrow had laid his Jinx traps. An easy couple of kills ensued, and it also set up the next play moments later.

Viktor gets too greedy: KOO Tigers vs. KT Rolster

Watch the entire match here.

After that great Gragas play, KOO Tigers were on the run. However, their mid laner Kuro felt he could turn things around, eyeing up the low health Nagne and Arrow.

He was clearly expecting to do some more damage, and with the help of some fancy footwork from the KT players, they were able to double team Kuro and take him down to secure another kill. From there though, it started to go downhill for KT, ultimately losing the game, and the series.

“Where are you going?”: Origen vs. Flash Wolves

Watch the entire match here.

Even when you catch out a Malphite, it can be hard to take him down. Here, Flash Wolves’ Steak was tanky, and had his Unstoppable Force ultimate and his flash up. He was also pretty close to his own base.

Instead of using his abilities to escape back to safety, he decided to take Niels’ Kalista on a little tour of Summoner’s Rift (prompting a cry of “where are you going?” from shoutcaster Jatt), finally dying in Origen’s jungle.

The ol’ switcheroo: Origen vs. Flash Wolves

Watch the entire match here.

A number of costly mistakes plagued Flash Wolves throughout their series with Origen. In the first game they had let a big lead slip away, and an embarrassing positional error cost them the game.

Flash Wolves thought Origen were going for a dragon attempt. Their entire team were in position for that, but it left the front door to their base wide open. Origen simply walked in and took an easy victory.

Darius strikes a pose: KOO Tigers vs. KT Rolster

Watch the entire match here.

Let’s end the list with one of the most perfect Viktor Gravity Fields you’ll ever see. Not in terms of positioning, or having anything to do with winning the game. Just that it catches Darius at the very apex of his ultimate. The fact that Smeb was using the Dunkmaster Darius skin made it all the more sweet.

What goes up must come down? Not in this case.

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