The Talos Principle writer signs up for Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 3

The Talos Principle is known for its story. Serious Sam is not. That these two so utterly different videogames come from the same small development studio has always tickled me, but it never occurred to me that, aside from a few goofball easter eggs, the two could actually cross over in any meaningful way. I mean, how could they?

And yet somehow, it's happening. Not within the games themselves, but in their creation, and in a way I can only describe as bizarre: Jonas Kyratzes, one of the two writers of The Talos Principle, and his wife Verena have signed up as the "screenwriters" for Serious Sam 4.

"I was a fan of Serious Sam before I got to work with Croteam, so I must admit I was sort of hoping I might be involved with the next one if The Talos Principle went well. But more than that, we immediately clicked with the team, were treated like family, and really wanted to keep working with them," Kyratzes said. "Going to Croatia and working in the office just confirmed that."

Croteam offered no insight into what direction the plot to Serious Sam 4 will take (and that may be the most mind-boggling thing I've written all week), but said the Kyratzes are "shaping the story into something really awesome." I can't even begin to guess how that will work out, but it's worth remembering that The Talos Principle actually began life as Serious Sam 4, before evolving level mechanics led the studio to turn it into a whole new game. Since it's likely that some of those Talos gameplay elements will make it into the next Serious Sam, maybe it's not so weird that the writing would, too?

Yeah, no. It's weird.

Andy Chalk

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