The Sunday Video Pwn

Sometimes choosing the headline video for the Pwn is a difficult decision. This week, however, the first video I found was granted immediate headline status. Volition win the number one spot with their take on that 80's classic music video, using Red Faction characters. It does the worst job in the world at showing off the actual game, but as a piece of marketing madness it's a sure-fire pwn.

Should Red Faction be just too tame for your liking, the trailers round-up today features blood, broken bones and torn out beating hearts. First into the gory fray is FEAR 3's latest two minutes of hell , showing off their wave-based multiplayer mode. Apparently Alma has 'contractions', which produce hordes of enemies that you and some co-op mates must take out. The contractions don't appear to have anything to do with childbirth, but if they do it means Alma is capable of giving birth to dozens of fully-grown horrors at a time. Which considering the game's reputation, that isn't too far-fetched a guess.

Whilst FEAR works on being creepy with its liberal blood use, Hunted: The Demon's Forge twists the knife with glee in its latest trailer, explaining how with a co-op partner you can be Happy Together . On show here are numerous kill shots with both blade and bow, a smashed open chest cavity and a hand holding a still-beating heart, all set to Filter's gloomy cover of Happy Together.

Should your taste for the red fluid not be quenched by such videos, then how about a mentally deranged little girl running around with a rather large knife? Yes, it's Alice: Madness Returns, and in the latest trailer for the insight into America McGee's warped mind we get to see the game's combat system , and it actually looks better than expected. Whilst the pull of the game is certainly going to be the narrative, art style and world, it's great to see the combat is going to be at least solid, and that we'll be able to happily destroy Card Knights with machine guns and hobby horses.

Did you know EA had it's own web show? It's called PWNED , it's seven episodes in, and is essentially EA PR propaganda. However, this week's episode is noteworthy since it is entirely dedicated to Battlefield 3 which, if you hadn't worked out by now, we are very excited about. The seventeen-minute show features a lot of gameplay footage we've already seen, but with features explained by the team from DICE themselves. It also features a lot of a pretty blonde woman looking interested in every word, smiling at every answer and saying "That's cool" a lot.

With The Old Republic drawing nearer to completion, Star Wars fans the world over are probably planning out their perfect character, modelled on their favourite Jedi, Sith or cloned bounty hunter. What they're probably not doing, however, is designing a Trooper character . Let's face it, when you could be swinging a lightsaber around or blasting off with a jet-pack, nobody in their right mind would want to be a simple solider, would they? The latest trailer proved this theory wrong, and whilst the Trooper may not be the flashiest class to play as in BioWare's MMO, it certainly has enough depth to be considered. Drones, massive guns and the ability to take on a Sith at close quarters with a vibro-blade are all reasons to take on the challenge of being an armoured human in a galaxy populated by mad religious folk.