The Sunday Video Pwn

It's been a few days at least since we showed Minecraft any love, so this week's headlining video is from our favourite excavating game. Here, with some mod trickery, you can see just what Minecraft would look like if played after ingesting Lysergic acid diethylamide. It's a nauseating experience, so view on a clean stomach and do not attempt to eat or drink during the viewing experience. I genuinely have no idea why on earth you'd want to play with this mod on, but it certainly makes Minecraft's world look even more mind-bending than it does at current. Looking at the sculptures on the PC Gamer Minecraft server genuinly fills me with awe; it's incredible to see what some of you guys have crafted. It does make me wonder though, if players were armed with THIS , what kind of elements they could mine and build stuff with.

Finding cool PC videos has been a little bit more tricky than usual this week, thanks to one little game that's sent the console world mental. The entire interweb has suddenly been replaced with a shrine to that game with the guy out of Mad Men in. With the coolest videos all focusing on 1940's LA, it's time to turn to YouTube's best director Freddie Wong for some videogame-inspired fan films. Are you one of those annoying Battlefield 2 players who put claymores everywhere? This little video will certainly remind you of all the good times you had camping, waiting for your prey to not see those BB-filled cases you'd scattered about. More of a singleplayer gamer? See this first-timer learn how you progress the gamer's way , ALWAYS starting with the melee weapon, before working your way up to the pistol and then finally the full-auto goodness. Eliza Dushku makes and appearance too, which is very welcome.

Talking about learning lessons, Geralt discovers that Ezio's methods of tower-diving are not exactly fool proof .

What's your favourite way of finishing off an enemy? I've been playing through Mass Effect 2 again recently, and have decided it's definitely using Mordin's tech abilities to snap-freeze a target before bashing them to death in close quarters. However, this seems a totally elegant manner of dispatch compared to what happened to this poor pig . After reviewing the evidence, the autopsy team soon realise who was behind this barbaric murder. It could only be the Duke himself.

Realistic, gritty games are all well and good, but sometimes it's easy to tire of their grey and brown aesthetic. That's why I love the fresh feel of Storm, this serene looking physics puzzle game that sees you taking control of the weather. The artistic style is very soothing for the eyes, and I can imagine easily winding away a few hours on a Sunday afternoon using raindrops to solve puzzles.

Certainly not adopting the serene atmosphere path is FEAR 3 . This latest trailer shows off even more of the game's explode-gore deaths, explaining the game's co-operative challenge modes, where you can compete against a friend to be declared the 'favourite son'. So should you still be feeling inadequate from a childhood spend being the unloved sibling, now's the time to put that right, in a fountain of blood.

Also adopting the death and destruction route is the aptly named Orcs Must Die!, although their method involves some kind of wind explosion erupting form the palms. So it's a weather and death game - should you not wish to invest in either Storm or FEAR 3 but so wish to get the best of both games, then Orcs Must Die! is clearly the game for you. Clearly.

Finally, if you saw the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning developer talk on the web a while ago, but just wished that it had been longer, then fear not. The guys over at Joystiq have the full hour-long talk from PAX East ready for your viewing pleasure.