The Secret World exclusive trailer: conspire with the Illuminati, Templar, or Dragon societies

Ever felt like there was someone working behind the scenes, constantly pulling the strings of your daily life? Either you're really paranoid, or you've seen through the illusions put up by the world's most secret societies. We've got an exclusive trailer for Funcom's supernatural, modern-day MMO The Secret World, detailing the factions that fund your war for control. Who will you ally with: the chaos-conducting Dragon, the zealous Templar, or the stealthy-and-wealthy Illuminati? Whoever you choose, get ready to violently settle your differences in 100-player PvP warzones.

If I wasn't already sold by the grotesque creatures you hunt in the game, then the possibility of firing bullets and bursts of flame in El Dorado surely sealed the deal. I'm leaning towards siding with the Illuminati: covertly manipulating stocks and bonds while I hunt demons sounds like the life of kings. If you want to know more about The Secret World and its inhabitants, set for release in April 2012, be sure to check out our in-depth preview right now and our monster guide in the US Holiday 2011 issue later.