The PC Gamer Show special: an immersive sim design roundtable

What's this? A bonus episode of The PC Gamer Show? It's true! During the Game Developer's Conference, our weekly livestreamed podcast, we pulled together an all-star group of guests to talk about immersive sims: games like Deus Ex and Dishonored and System Shock. Hear stories from the people who made some of the PC's best games.

You can normally catch the show live on Wednesdays at 1 pm PDT on our Twitch channel, or after the fact at any of the links below.

This week's topics

  • What makes an immersive sim, and why they're great
  • Anecdotes from the development of Prey, Dishonored, Deus Ex, and Ultima VI
  • Warren Spector talks a tiny bit about System Shock 3
  • How to design an immersive sim and the genre's future


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Your flapping heads for this episode:

Warren Spector
Steve Gaynor
Harvey Smith
Ricardo Bare
Tom Francis
Wes Fenlon

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