The Overwatch ARG now has a strange forum post counting down to something [Updated]

Update: It's hard to keep up with what exactly is going on here, but the action has now apparently shifted to, where "Shadow Protocol v1.9" is slowly counting up to "Transmitiendo información a ómnicos activos." That works out to "Transmitting information assets ómnicos," according to Google, which is also a bit of a ragged translation but easy enough to understand. What do Omnics have to do with all of this?

Original story:

More Overwatch ARG shenanigans appear to be underway, with a runaway post on the forums teasing new information about Sombra—or something. The locked post contains the message “la que tiene la información; tiene el poder,” which Google translates to “Which has the information; it has the power,” a rough breakdown that nonetheless makes a clear point. But then things get weird

Distorted photos of Reaper flash across the screen, after which a code begins to scrawl in a window. According to Reddit, it's a base-64 code that translates into a skull—the second skull to be discovered, in fact, which can be seen in comparison with the first one here. The title of the thread, 0110010 00110011, is binary, which works out to 23. No clue on that one.

And here's the real hook: The thread post time is actually counting down, from 24 hours to, currently, one, which I would take to mean that we're standing very close to a reveal. Whether that proves to be a new character, or just the next step in this ridiculously convoluted game, is anybody's guess—but we'll let you know when we find out.

Andy Chalk

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