How to get to Roseway in The Outer Worlds

the outer worlds roseway location
(Image credit: Obsidian)

Where is Roseway in The Outer Worlds? One of the first excursions you take in the main campaign of The Outer Worlds is to Roseway, in which you follow a distress signal. This triggers a series of missions concerning mad scientists creating experimental weaponry to deal with Raptidon hordes and pesky Marauders. In this guide, I'm going to run through how to get there from The Groundbreaker to help you progress the main campaign.

How to get Gladys’ Distress Signal

To start this quest you'll need to have progressed the main campaign as far as The Groundbreaker. This is directly after the events of Emerald Vale, where you have to decide the fate the town of Edgewater and the so-called Deserters. You’ll end up on a floating monument to capitalism which is full of vendors and evil gangs lurking beneath. Then, once you've cleared customs, you're directed to the office of a lovely old lady called Gladys.

Unless you’ve got 10000 bits on hand at this early stage (you absolutely won’t) you’ll have to bargain with Gladys to give you access to the Stellar Bay Navkey, which you need to progress the main story. Instead, talk to her about an 'opportunity' to help her acquire corporate secrets by answering a distress call coming from Roseway on Terra-2. If you follow this line of dialogue she’ll hand over the distress signal necessary to give you access to the Roseway Landing Pad.

The Outer Worlds Roseway location

Once you’ve picked up the distress signal, make sure you’ve spoken to Udom Bedford to unlock access to The Unreliable, which will be impounded once you land on The Groundbreaker. 

Once your ship is free, jump on board and speak to your navigational assistant, ADA. She’ll decipher the distress signal and you’ll meet Anton Crane, the aforementioned troubled scientist who rants and raves about the situation. This will give you access to the Roseway Landing Pad.

All you have to do now is look to your left from ADA and access the navigation terminal. Select Terra-2, then Roseway Landing Pad, and blast off to the newly-unlocked location. Now you can progress the main story as normal by resolving the conflict on Roseway and deciding what to do with the information you gain when returning to Gladys. 

Before you head out, consider talking to SAM the cleaning robot upstairs on The Unreliable, as they will provide you with a side quest that takes place in Roseway that will unlock the character as a companion. Safe travels!