The Outer Worlds' last DLC expansion ‘Murder on Eridanos’ is out now

The second and final expansion for The Outer Worlds is out today, and as the trailer above demonstrates it’s jam-packed with the vanilla game’s trademark quirk. ‘Murder on Eridanos’ takes you to the titular planet in order to figure out who murdered Halcyon Helen, star of the in-game TV serial Terror on Monarch.

Halcyon Helen was also the brand spokesperson for Rizzo’s Spectrum Brown Vodka, which I kinda want to try. She’s been found dead in Eridanos’s Grand Colonial Hotel, which seems to have its own hedge maze. Anyway, detective work seems to play a big part in this expansion, as a new ‘Discrepancy Amplifier’ is introduced as a device for ferreting out clues.

Aside from the story quests there are three new science weapons, new armor types, enemies and a new perk and flaw. The level cap has also been increased by 3. Murder on Eridanos costs $15 / £12 / AU$22.95, or if you already have the expansion pass it’ll come at no extra cost. 

The Outer Worlds couldn’t quite live up to Fallout: New Vegas, to which it was compared by dint of Obsidian’s involvement, but it was still a good time. Tom wrote that it’s “an entertaining, uncomplicated RPG in a colourful universe,” and its first expansion, Peril on Gorgon, was apparently decent. Whether we’ll ever get a sequel is anyone’s guess at this stage: since the game was first announced, Microsoft acquired Obsidian, and Obsidian is currently developing Avowed

Shaun Prescott

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