The official WitcherCon Geralt hot tub stream is incredibly chill

Geralt in the bath
(Image credit: CDPR)

As I type this, almost 10,000 people are watching Geralt of Rivia (well, a man cosplaying as him) sitting in a bath tub sipping a goblet of wine.

This is the countdown screen for WitcherCon, a show dedicated to all things Witcher hosted by Netflix and CD Projekt. Hot tub streams have generated a lot of controversy on Twitch lately, which this is poking fun at.

I've been watching it for almost 30 minutes now, and it's incredibly chill. The gentle splash of the water, the medieval music, the atmospheric candlelight. I feel like I'm in that bath myself.

(Image credit: CDPR)

Most of the time he's just lying there with a satisfied look on his face, but sometimes something happens. So far I've witnessed...

  • He fell asleep and started snoring
  • He put some cucumber on his eyes, then took them off, dunked one in the water like a biscuit in tea, and ate it (gross)
  • He dropped his wine in the bath
  • He got a rubber duck out and started playing with it

More might've happened, but I've been tabbing in and out waiting for WitcherCon to kick off. Honestly, CDPR should just keep this thing running forever. Or you could watch our video below, which is just as mellow.

Andy Kelly

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