The new Overwatch hero Ana is now live [updated]

Ana Amari, the Overwatch support sniper who was revealed last week, is now live and playable on PC. 

Blizzard developers Jeff Kaplan, Geoff Goodman, Michael Chu, Tim Ford, and Arnold Tsang talked about the new hero over the weekend in a lengthy “Ana: Declassified” livestream that you can dig into out here. A closer (and quicker) look at her skillset can be had at, and we've got a good breakdown of how she lost her eye—and whose ass is going to get kicked for it—right here

We know this patch also came with some pretty significant buffs to and Zenyatta, as well as a few other balance changes. We'll update with the full patch notes once they're released. 

Update: And just like that, the patch notes are out. The short version is that Blizzard brought basically all the big changes from the PTR to the live game, but highlights include changes to Overtime timing and respawns, a cap of one hero character per team in Competitive Mode, big buffs to D.Va and Zenyatta, and smaller balance changes to Bastion, Lucio, McCree, Mercy, Roadhog, and Soldier: 76. The full list of changes is up on the forums.

We've also got a new trailer:

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