The new Cities: Skylines expansion is all about big modular airports

Cities: Skylines is expanding its portfolio of modular city fixtures with a DLC devoted to Airports. The new airports look to follow the formula of the zoos, parks, industrial zones, and universities added in past DLC, making them miniature cities-within-the-cities. 

"The Airports expansion allows you to build your own airport areas, set up gates and connect them via concourse networks. Design your dream airports, from small airfields to large international hubs," says the official description. 

Cities Skylines Airports DLC

(Image credit: Colossal Order)

From the looks of it, you'll also be able to connect the airport concourses and gates to your larger travel network. There's also cargo terminals, for shipments that bring in new goods and materials. Roads will be able to connect to the airports, but also buses, metros, and train stations. (Trams or streetcars, even? We'll see.)

It's certainly a huge step up from the airports currently in the game, which are really just big buildings you plop down. Revamping them to whole customizable areas will bring a lot to the table. I'm also interested in how the expansion will integrate into the existing tourism and industry mechanics.

You can find out more about the DLC on its official steam page and on the Cities: Skylines website.

Large cities skylines airport setup

(Image credit: Colossal Order)

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