The mod responsible for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds gets inducted into Mod Hall of Fame

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale—the Arma 3 mod that inspired the runaway hit Playerunknown's Battlegrounds—has been inducted into ModDb's Mod Hall of Fame.

We've covered Battlegrounds' success pretty extensively since its launch in March, but it's the stories how players take to its ever-haunting map and the ways in which they approach it that make the game most interesting. 

Speaking to ModDB, Arma developer Bohemia suggests its games have always been built with "creativity in mind" and this is reflected in the variety of ways players play. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale creator Brendan Greene—AKA Player Unknown himself—explains what drew him to the Arma modding scene. "This was the first game that excited me as a player in many years," Greene tells ModDB. "Through this discovery, Green explored how the ARMA series worked as a platform for other game modes and gameplay experiences, and that the community strongly supported them.

"There is no other moddable game available that allows you the same control Arma provides its modding community,” he elaborates. “Alongside this, there is a passionate community that is constantly creating new maps, weapons and other assets for use. Battle Royale makes use of both maps and weapons from the community and would be nothing without their work and support."

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale's entry into The Mod Hall of Fame sees it join the likes of DayZ, Nehrim: At Fate's Edge, The Stanley Parable, the Defense of the Ancients, and Counter-Strike. The full list of inductees can be viewed over here