How to fasten the tie clip in The Medium

the medium tie clip
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While getting the tie clip in The Medium is pretty simple, there's no shame in getting stuck on it. The design of this mini 'puzzle' isn't the most intuitive, so it's bound to cause a little confusion. 

First, some context: Bloober Team's two-worlds-in-one horror adventure begins with Marianne—a medium with a psychic connection to a strange world—giving her adoptive father, Jack, his final send-off. The fact that she lives in an apartment above the funeral home where he's stored is creepy, but actually turns out to be pretty convenient.

But before we get to the dual-reality puzzle solving, ensuring Jack looks his best self can be a little tricky. So, in this The Medium tie clip guide, I'll show you how to get the accessory and how to give it to Jack.

The Medium tie clip: How to get it

Finding the tie clip is your very first objective in The Medium, and it's something you'll need to do before you can leave your apartment. Start by leaving this starting room, then turn left, head down the hallway, and take the first room on the left.

In Jack's office you can find out more about your adoptive dad, or just look left and hit X (Bloober recommends you play with a pad over mouse/keyboard) and look at the large wooden clock. To the right of this is a small red box, but the tie clip isn't inside, where it should be. 

Instead, you're prompted to use Marianne's eerie Insight powers (pressing and holding LB). Using that reveals the outline of the clip, underneath the clock. Interact with it and the clock will slide away so you can pick up the misplaced accessory. Now you can leave the flat and give the tie clip to Jack in the funeral home.

How to fasten the tie clip to Jack

Before you can get to Jack in the Prep Room, you need the key. Find that by going inside the open door opposite you—the key is on top of the desk you can't miss as you enter. Return to the Prep Room door and use the key to get inside and descend the stairs to the cold storage facility.

You'll find Jack in one of the fridges on the other side of the room. The thing is, when you're prompted to fasten the tie clip to Jack's collar, it doesn't work. That's because you need to back out and turn around towards the small stool with a loud tie hanging off it—something you can only interact with after you've pulled Jack from storage. When you pick that up you can combine it with the tie clip with either A or X: This creates the item, 'Jack's Tie with the Clip'.

Now you can attach the tie and clip to Jack's collar, which progresses the game forward. Just don't get too used to your time playing dress up: Things get plenty scarier from here.

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