The latest Dauntless update removes singleplayer, but it will return

Dauntless' massive 'Sharpen Your Skills' update is out today, but its many promising additions also brought a curious subtraction. The option to hunt behemoths alone has been removed, presumably in favor of the new multiplayer region hunts. Granted, the update also includes matchmaking improvements said to make playing as a group easier, but some players might still want to fly solo. 

The lack of solo hunts is only temporary, though. Developer Phoenix Labs addressed the surprise removal in a statement on Reddit:

"Sorry about the confusion here. Wording is a little unclear and we're working to update that.

With the progression re-factor, zones, patrols, etc. we ran into some issues with solo play. As you've read in the notes, we're still working out some last minute kinks in the lobby system, too. Because of this, solo play will not be available when the Sharpen Your Skills Update rolls out.

However, we will support solo play and are figuring out how to get it working again!" 

So, there you have it. Maybe take this time to master the two new behemoths included in today's update so you're better prepared to fight them alone. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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