The "large scale" military FPS Squad is free to play this weekend

The multiplayer FPS Squad isn't the best-known modern military shooter on the market, but it is quite good. We had a look at it just a few weeks ago, and declared that it "has grown into a deep military shooter" that "continues to improve as a smart blend of Battlefield and Arma." And now, until 1 pm PT on November 13, you can give it a shot without paying a penny. 

"We hope our friends and fans can see this as a great opportunity to bring some of their more risk averse friends into the Squad family and we as developers are treating this as an opportunity to get out there in the wilds and experience the game through fresh sets of eyes," developer Offworld Industries said. "We will be out in the community, on the servers and in the stream chat, getting to know you guys, listening and having a good amount of fun as well." 

For existing fans of the game, "we promise there will be a stack of surprises on the horizon," the studio added. "If you look closely and pay attention, you might just spot a few things already hiding in plain sight." 

Squad supports battles of up to 100 players in large-scale environments, with base building, integrated positional VoIP  "for proximity talking and radio," and "vehicle-based combined arms gameplay."  If you like what you see, you can pick it up on Steam for half-price—that's $20/£15—until November 14. Find out more at

Andy Chalk

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