The Indie Royale Mystery Bundle is a ticking, ten-game conundrum

The Sun At Night

The Indie Royale Mystery Bundle is a collection of ten games you can pick up for not much more than a single, solitary dollar. What games, you ask? That's the catch: Only one title per day is being revealed, and the longer you wait, the more it's going to cost.

The price isn't going up too sharply, mind you: The Mystery Bundle started at $1 and, with three games now revealed, it's up to $1.29. That's not too bad for a bundle that the Royale folks say is worth more than $70, and of course that's the minimum price. If you spend more than five bucks on it, you'll also get Mark Dormin's "Relatives" album as a bonus.

The three games revealed so far are The Sun At Night, Hero of the Kingdom and Huntsman: The Orphanage. I haven't played any of them but Huntsman looks like a decent take on Slender-style horror, and The Sun At Night is about a flop-eared dog in a suit of silver armor, which is just about worth the price of admission on its own.

By my not-entirely-precise calculations, the bundle will cost less than a fiver even if you wait for all the games to be revealed, but what fun would that be? The Indie Royale Mystery Bundle is live now and, at this particular moment, will run for slightly less than 13 days.

Andy Chalk

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