The latest Humble Staff Picks Bundle gathers BioShock Infinite, Aragami, Punch Club

Humble Bundle has served up another 'Staff Pick' selection of discounted games, this time courtesy of a crayon dog who goes by the name Scribble. We're told that she's our friend, that she likes scritches and that she "make company letterhead". I'm not really sure what any of this means, but I do know saving money at this time of year is always nice. 

Similar to Humble's other familiar tiered offerings, paying $1 (roughly £0.74) nets you pirate action role-player Tempest, quirky indie RPG LiEat, and Lazy Bear Games' crocodile brawler Punch Club. 

Step up and over the bundle's average price—which, at the time of writing, is $5.92 (about £4.36)—and you stand to receive all of the above, plus stealth 'em up Aragami, dystopian strategy game Beholder, and Irrational's 2013 hit BioShock Infinite. 

And if you're feeling particularly flush, Sribble's $12 (£8.85) premium tier secures you all of that plus the uber-clever circuit-builder Shenzhen I/O. I like that one.

As always, Humble gives you the chance to divvy up your purchase between a charity of your choosing, the games' developers and the Bundlers as you see fit. Head in this direction to check out Scribble's Humble Staff Picks Bundle in full.