The Humble Saints Row Bundle is now live

The Humble Saints Row Bundle, at the minimum $1 tier, is surprisingly light on the Saints Row. It includes Risen 3: Titan Lords Complete Edition, Deadlight: Director's Cut, Homefront, and—finally—Saints Row 2. But the row of Saints gets longer as you move up the price ladder. 

Beating the average price, a little over $4 at the moment, will also net you Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, plus Mighty No. 9, Killer is Dead—Nightmare Edition, and mystery games that will be revealed in one week. Get yourself up to the $15 tier and Saints Row: The Third—The Full Package, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell—Devil's Workshop pack, and Saints Row 4: Game of the Century Edition, plus Homefront: The Revolution will also be yours to take home. 

At the top of the heap, for $75, you get all of the above, plus a preorder for Agents of Mayhem, the new game coming from Deep Silver and Saints Row studio Volition.   

It's a whole lot of Saints Row for a pretty decent price, and some other stuff too. Homefront has a pretty bad rep, but I actually liked it: The shooting was good, and the story was no more ridiculous or overwrought than your average '80s action flick. (No less ridiculous or overwrought, either, but if quality of narrative is what you're looking for then you're probably in the wrong bundle anyway.) 

The Humble Saints Row Bundle is live now and will stay up until August 8. 

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Andy Chalk

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