The Humble Indie Bundle 3 is go, pay what you want for five indie games

The third Humble Indie Bundle is now available. It's your chance to pay whatever you like for Crayon Physics Deluxe , Cogs , VVVVVV , Hammerfight and And Yet it Moves . A portion of each payment is allocated to the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. You can use sliders on the purchase page to decide the percentage that each party gets, and there's also an option to tip the Humble Bundle organisers. Each game works on PC, Macs and Linux systems, and comes DRM free.

There are 13 days left to go on the deal, and more than 92,000 bundles have been sold. At the time of writing, the deal has made $437,366 already, and it's only been up for half a day. It looks as though this bundle is already set to break the records set by Humble Indie Bundles 1 and 2.

Tom Senior

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